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With our outdoor gym, equipped by Holdstrong, you lack nothing in your training. Regardless of whether fitness holiday with your buddies, organized training camp / retreat, a preparation for a Competition, a vacation with just some sporting balance or simply a holiday without sport and a lot of relaxation.

You've come to the right place with us:

  • 150 sqm training area

  • four squat racks

  • six wallball targets

  • Ropes for rope climbs

  • Ring muscle up stations

  • Pull up bars

  • 10m sled track

  • Handstand Push Up Walls

  • Cardio machines (Assault Bike, Row-/Bike-/Ski-Erg)

  • and of course enough weight for heavy lifts (DROPPING allowed!).

Nothing stands in the way of the endless variety of YOUR training.

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